What the #tendaypurge Means

When we first started the #tendaypurge, it was meant only as a distraction and something that @winelibrarian and I were going to do together. I never it expected it to blossom into such a positive experience for so many of our followers. Every time someone tweets to us and to tell us that they are participating in the purge and how the purge has positively impacted their lives, it makes us smile and we get all warm and squishy inside. We’ve come to accept that we have a lot of power and influence (for whatever reason) and it’s time to channel that into something good. We want to bring the happy, people.

This is how we want to experience Twitter now. The negativity is gone and we are working on cultivating a happier existence. I don’t know about anyone else, but I like us a lot better now. Sure, we could continue to bitch about our coworkers and the shit that happens to us on a daily basis. Or we could talk about what we’re doing to improve our lives.  I’d rather be the lone positive voice in a sea of negativity than continue to bitch and moan about the same old shit. Have my coworkers vastly improved their work performance? No, not at all, but what good is bitching about it going to do? You can’t change what’s going on around you, but you can change how you react. We’ve been purging a lot of tangible things during the #tendaypurge. How about purging a negative thought or action? Join us in only tweeting the happy, if only for one day. Smile. You might like it.

People have been sharing their thoughts about the #tendaypurge with us over the past few days.  I love reading why people are have decided to participate, and not just because I’m a huge nosypants (okay fine, that’s part of it). It’s also inspiring because WE started something that is impacting people and has changed their lives. Maybe we can even call it a movement. Too soon?

#tendaypurge Testimonials

Unfinished work. Unspoken words. Unused items. Left unchecked, lingering negativity has a nasty habit of growing, hidden like a tumour, poisoning you until it’s too late and action has to be taken. Maybe that means throwing the dining-room clock into the sea. But maybe carefully excising the tumour is a better option.

Participating in #tendaypurge has been a great help. So far I’ve only been purging at work and online, but it’s already had a positive effect. My work life is, for the first time in months, organised. I know exactly what I need to do, and why, and for who. I’m in the middle of several projects, and my previous head-in-the-sand, it’ll-get-done-one-day methodology clearly wasn’t going to work out. Now I have inbox zero, an organised task list, and a timeline of events.

The best aspect is the knowledge that all those old emails, files, folders and papers are sorted. They’re no longer there – physically messing up my desk, digitally clogging my inbox, or mentally festering at the back of my mind. It’s much easier to get things done when you can jump straight to the task at hand, instead of constantly organising and preparing to work.

Things like the #tendaypurge couldn’t happen without the friendships that Twitter has enabled, and I’m proud and grateful to be part of such a great group of people. When the ten days are over, I’m sure we’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the year with the same friendship, support and positivity, and the new fitter, happier, more productive #homance.

- @scrufflibrarian

I am doing the ten day purge but I am not much of a planner.  I started with throwing out old and unwanted clothes.  Then yesterday I cleaned the top of the fridge and a junk drawer.  I should’ve done the junk cabinet as well but it’s something, right? I don’t know what I am going to purge today…  I need to do my closet, my desk, my garage (that is not going to happen until it’s warmer), my kids’ toys, clean the fridge, there is a lot to choose from.  Thanks Bitchy and Winey for giving me a reason to get going on all this stuff!!

- @vodkaandlemons

We moved into our house in July, but we’ve never fully moved in. We don’t currently possess the furniture nor the storage space to do so. But, that’s all about to change. We immensely dislike coming home to a constantly cluttered house, so we have resolved to get more organized this year. This will take many forms throughout our lives. From making sure to file papers as they come in to keeping track of our bills on a calendar to building storage space for our art to buying new furniture for our house, we are committed to making sure that we don’t have to live in clutter anymore. I already started by buying a calendar, buying a monthly planner for school, buying a shoe rack, and organizing my bag for the first day of school. It feels glorious to not be wrapped up in chaos all of the time.

- @submittedmelody

2011 pretty much sucked rocks all around and ended in a big crash. In a matter of weeks I discovered my aunt had terminal cancer, I had a gastro issue that caused my immune system to flip out and was told I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. Needless to say, I was in a slump.
WL and BL started talking about purging and it reminded me of a blog I had written last year, “Spring Cleaning for Your Soul”.
I’m a great one for telling others how horrible drama is and how we need to cleanse our lives regularly of all the nonsense. But I’m not so good at following my own advice. So I decided to listen to the librarians and clean out my clutter. Emotional, mental and actual. My boyfriend and I are in the process of sorting through 30 years of life in his childhood home. Nothing like a kick in the pants to remind you to pack up the linen closet.
So this is where I’m at so far:
I’ve emptied all four of my email accounts, cleared out my photography files on my phone, deleted some social networking accounts and thinned out the ones I’ve kept. I’ve sorted through half of the kitchen cabinets and cleaned out the fridge. I also deleted over 30 contacts from my phone.
I have never felt better. There is such a sense of accomplishment when I tweet my daily purges. Each time I pack a box or make yet another donation to the mission my heart feels lighter
This is a seriously amazing form of therapy and I would/will recommend it to ANYONE.
Thank you!

- @BecominNerotic

Ten reasons why I am purging:
1. So I can find the top of my desk
2. Because if it’s from a typewriter its gotta be old
3. There is no need to have three files all filled with “storytime ideas”
4. I’ve found several books and other items marked as missing
5. While I think my ideas and programs are awesome, there is really no need to keep copies of them from 2007
6. It just looks better.
7. Now I can justify yelling at people to leave stuff alone on my desk. You know since its not falling off and they are not picking it up from the floor.
8. The inch of dust and the dust dinos are going, going, gone
9. I can find all of the forms that I was supposed to send to my director
10. Because I can!

- @sayitrayshay

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