The #tendaypurge

We don’t buy into that new year, new you bullshit. But sometimes, it’s nice to have a new beginning, isn’t it? It just so happens that we’re turning a new page (librarian pun totally not intended) at the beginning of a new year. A happy coincidence, if you will. And trust me, we are all about the happy right now.

So what exactly is the #tendaypurge? It started out as a distraction created by Winey to keep Bitchy occupied while she waited for someone to come home from a ten day business trip. We decided that we would purge at least one thing each day, whether it be emails or clothes that we no longer wear. It’s a first step in our journey toward happier, less bogged down lives.

Even though we are only on day two of the purge, it’s already become so much more. We certainly didn’t expect so many people to join us in the purging of things; it’s been overwhelming, humbling, and inspiring.

Letting go of baggage and things can be cathartic and healthy. We are all about getting rid of the toxicity in our lives this year; literally and figuratively.

So, a slight recap of the #tendaypurge so far. We’ve purged our personal and work email accounts. Inbox zero. Check. We’ve purged our voice mails. Winey is on a file purge at work. Bitchy purged her actual mailbox at work, too. Bitchy cleaned the downstairs of her place. Winey continued her file and paperwork purge and entered the scholarly articles she’s written into a database (oh yeah, she’s all scholarly and shit).

Future things to do on the #tenday purge:

We are going to purge our closets this weekend.
We are both cleaning out our cars.
More work files, binders, and old paperwork.

We hope you’ve been inspired to purge, clean out, organize, and look at things in a fresher perspective with us.

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9 Responses to “The #tendaypurge”

  1. Dub says:

    I just purged the living room of the Christmas tree! ;-)

    Yay for blogging!!

  2. vodkaandlemons says:

    That sounds like a fucking BRILLIANT idea! So glad you have a blog up, you two are very entertaining and I love your pics. I am going to start purging one thing a day today! I need to do the closet and the garage but I think I’ll start small……. clothes, I’ll do clothes today. P.S. I love that font

    • bitchylibrarian says:

      Yay! So glad that you’ll be purging along with us (that sounds really gross and like we’re in some sort of bulimia club…). Yes. Start small. We purged emails first. You have to ease into it. I’m doing my closet tomorrow.

      And I’m done fucking around with fonts. I think. I hope. :)

  3. I like it! I’m a bit behind though, so I guess I will just to purge more this weekend. I certainly have plenty of purgeworthy crap to pitch!

    • bitchylibrarian says:

      Yes! Join us in the purge! Are you including Piss Cat in your list of things to pitch? Hahaha

      • Today I am working on the couch he destroyed (a BIG purge) while waiting for call backs from places that may take him. #PissCat may not get “pitched”, but he is certainly on the Purge List!

  4. Lou Lange says:

    Looking forward to the continuing adventures inthe 10 day purge. But your layout makes the screen jump as I typemy comment in with my phone. Need to look into that.

  5. scrufflibrarian says:

    I’ve joined in. My office has never been so tidy. I’ve hit inbox zero on my work and personal accounts, tidied my desk, tidied my work files and sorted a bunch of online stuff.

    Next week I have a huge drawer full of statistics paperwork needs purging. And at home, there’s a bunch of boxes in the spare bedroom need sorting…