On My Love of Christmas Romance

I’m going to confess something, dear readers. This is something I’ve only recently confessed to Winey, so you know it’s big. It’s not that I’m afraid that anyone will judge me (okay, maybe just a little bit), but it’s just something that seems so silly. But here goes:

Christmas turns me into a huge romantic sap.

It’s true. No  other time of the year makes me mushy like Christmas. It’s not that I’m a cynical person by nature any other time of the year, but there’s something about Christmas that just gets me. Maybe it’s the scent of pine trees. Or the ribbons; I really do like ribbons. Or maybe it’s just because I love buying things for people and this is the one time of year that no one can complain about presents. Or maybe it’s the snow. There’s a certain amount of romance in the first snowfall of the year; you know, before it gets all brown and sludgey and you’re totally sick of it.

I’ve read all the Christmas-themed romance novels my library owns. but not the Debbie Macomber or Thomas Kinkade ones; I do have standards, you know. I spent all day Saturday watching cheesy Christmas romance movies on Netflix. And not even the good ones like Love Actually or well, are there any other *good* Christmas romance movies? The ones I watched were ABC Family specials starring Melissa Joan Hart, Mario Lopez, and Mark Paul Gossler.

My favorite Christmas romance scenario is when a girl drags a complete stranger along with her to Christmas with her family, under the guise that he’s her boyfriend. Then, over the course of just a few days and a several glasses of egg nog, they fall completely in love with each other. Yes, I know. I’m weird. I realize that that would never happen in real life. It’s completely unrealistic that two completely strangers would declare their love for each other after only days of knowing each other, just because it’s Christmas. But that’s kind of the point. Christmas magic and all that shit. I mean, it’s what brought Frosty the Snowman to life, so why can’t it make two people fall in love?

It’s not as though I want to recreate these stories in my own life. I’m happy with the way my life is going. I’ve always thought that kisses under the mistletoe would be awkward. It’s awkward enough bringing a significant other home for the holidays, let alone a complete stranger. I’m not very good at winter sports, so spontaneous kisses while ice skating? Totally out. I fall enough on my own without the added distraction of kisses. And don’t get me started on Christmas carols. There’s no way you’ll ever see me going out and singing “Jingle Bells” with a group of people, not even if I’m really drunk.

I think what it comes down to is that I want to believe in happy endings because not believing in them is scary. Will I get my own happy ending if I don’t believe they can happen in books and movies? If someone can fall in love with a flawed character, then that means that someone can fall in love with me, too, no matter how silly that sounds. Despite being divorced, I’m still hoping for my own happy ending. I know it’s on the naive side, but these books and movies make happy endings seem a little more possible, even for me. I’m not expecting some grand, unrealistic gesture, like a boom box and declarations of love written on cue cards. Let’s get real. I mean, do boom boxes even exist any longer? But seriously, just a small gesture that makes me feel special appreciated is all I’ve ever really wanted.

Though, if I’m being completely honest, I’ve always wanted to make a snowman with someone I care about. Or start a snowball fight that ends in kissing in a snowbank and is followed by hot chocolate. But that’s it. Really. I promise.

Happy Holidays, and may all your wildest dreams come true. :)


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