Homance Roadtrip Day 2


So I was an asshole and didn’t blog yesterday. Instead, I fell asleep while watching one of the Harry Potter movies in our hotel room. I woke up when @winelibrarian said something about someone dying. I couldn’t even tell you which movie it was. I just know that Ron Weasel-face showed up in the middle and saved Harry Potter from autoerotic asphyxiation underwater. I didn’t remember reading that in the books.

There are apparently two Texarkana.

ANYWAY. Yesterday, we left Texas, drove through the entire state of Arkansas, and ended up in Memphis, where we ate a delicious BBQ dinner with @gothlaw. The food was delicious (maybe that was the steroids talking) and @gothlaw is just as fun in person as he is online.

Yesterday, we encountered water in its natural habitat in the form of a lake just outside of Dallas. It was the first real body of water we’d seen so far on our trip. There were even people boating on it! The scenery got a bit more exciting in North Texas. I mean, if you consider trees a thrill-a-minute. Arkansas was not much different, though we did see a lot of signs about Jesus followed by porn stores. Oh, and drivers in Arkansas can suck my dick. We saw a ton of accidents in Arkansas. There was a multi-semi pile up in the other lanes that backed up traffic for miles.

How the fuck did this happen? Only one lane of traffic, too.

I think the rest of this blog is just going to be photos from the road. We had shitty hotel neighbors last night with a yappy dog and we didn’t get much sleep. I’m very thankful that @winelibrarian and I like each other because, right now, we hate everyone. We’ll probably hit the road around noon today and we’re heading to Louisville. I hope we’ll be in better moods once we start driving.

We have been having a good trip. Lots of giggling and snorting. I think we’re just more than ready to reach our destination after a shitty night of sleep. And we wish there was a roadtrip radio station on XM that didn’t replay the same songs over and over again. Crikey. We’re in the car for more than 7 hours every day. How about some fucking variety, people?

Bella just walked across my laptop, and these are apparently her thoughts of the trip: «LL<>v`cij nkVHH

And now, this will be like a boring photo slideshow. Enjoy.


We stopped here for fried pies. Then wished we had bought a dozen. Each.

Arkansas water tower.

Onions, anyone?

Bridge over the Mississippi River.

There was no sign like this for Tennessee and it pissed me off.


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One Response to “Homance Roadtrip Day 2”

  1. John says:

    Fried pies?


    I do believe it’s legal to use a blowgun on yappy dogs in cheap motels. It’s, like, in the constitution or something.