Homance: North Of the Border Edition

Today marks the final day of our #friendshipfebruary theme. We’re kind of sad to see it go, as it’s been so much fun (and inspiring) to highlight so many of our favorite Twitter friend pairs.

Very few people make us smile as much as @g_bugg and @Babe_Chilla. They have the kind of friendship everyone wishes they had with someone. Winey and Bitchy feel like (can you tell who is writing this post?) if we lived in the same town, we would behave exactly Bugg and Chilla. We’d go on ridiculous adventures together all the time like they do. Maybe it’s a good thing that only two sets of Twitter friends has the luxury of a same-town friendship. The world may not be able to handle three sets (sorry @scrufflibrarian and @Suitedlibrarian!)

Either way, we enjoy following their sweet friendship via Twitter and the absolutely ADORABLE photos they included to go along with their questionnaires make us love them even more.

Bugg and Chilla = True Love

Chilla’s Answer’s About Bugg

1. What is your favorite thing about her?
Bugg doesn’t take anything too seriously. It’s refreshing. Most people are so caught with their heads jammed up their asses, busy trying

The thumbs up means she likes it

to impress people who don’t matter anyway, and she’s not like that. She says how she feels and doesn’t really care if you like it. As she taught me “Say what you feel, those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter” and I think that’s an impressive way to look at life at the tender age of barely legal ;)

Being this way means she isn’t afraid to act like a complete and utter nut bar just like me. We laugh and laugh and act a fool all over this town, and when people give us strange looks, we just shoot them one back (or fake make-out, whateves). Having someone care as little about what other people think as you do, makes for the most amazing and fun antics.

Also? Anyone who lets you call them WHORE to their face and grab their tatas on a more than regular basis, is tits up in my book.


2. What is your favorite memory of her?

There are not enough words in the world for this. I could go on for hours over the various stories I have about Bugg. Like that time we were on ladies weekend and I was sitting on the floor, she decided to whip down her pants and show me her shave job (you know ON HER VAGINA)….right in front of a giant open bay window, and right in my face; it was then I knew it was love. She then proceeded to drink all my wine while I tried to put my daughter to bed but the wicked hangover she suffered in the back of my car the next day was punishment enough.

There was also the time we taught her how to shotgun beers (because before I came along, I think the Bugg was slightly more innocent….HA), and before proceeding, she chose this outfit – the belt is of course for added fashion:

High-fashion shot-gunning

And then there was the time I watched her classy ass pull her gum from her mouth and stick it under the table…then take a photo up her skirt. Seriously, the decorum is off the hook with this girl.

Also? Bugg and I share the same, poor, tone deaf type singing voice but love for belting out songs at top volume. So our trips to girl’s weekends are mostly filled with us screamsinging to En Vogue, Wilson Phillips and Journey, barreling down the highway and watching all the wildlife commit suicide in an attempt to simply stop the madness. Kindred spirits I tell ya.


 3. What is one thing you will never let her do again?
Wear her stupid death sandals, because frankly, after the 4th time bailing down the stairs that catastrophically, I had to force her to throw them out before allowing her to live in my house. She is wearing said death sandals in that shotgun photo, and shortly after this, she bailed down the stairs so horribly that, I would have cried if I wasn’t laughing so hard (and yes it was so the sandals).


4. Three words that best describe her. 
Is hot mess 1 word or 2?

In all honesty though: Real. Warm. Best.


D'aww :)

5. Her friendship means:

Knowing I can be myself. That might sound weird but, in a world where people are so often fake or judgmental or just plain assholes, it’s nice to know you can just be you around someone else, and not worry they won’t like you in the morning.  I can trust Bugg with my heart, my worries, my fears and my child, and there aren’t many people I can say that about (I mean other than the one I’m married to). I never have to worry I’ve upset her or that she’ll turn on me because that just is not in this girls DNA.

She treats my child like absolute gold, and there is nothing better than seeing love for your child like that. I know if we need her, she is there in a heartbeat. Her friendship means knowing no matter what, my child will have someone looking out for her, even if I can’t be there to do it.

I don’t know why we found each other, but I am sure glad that we did.


Bugg’s Answers About Chilla

1. What is your favorite thing about her?

In all honesty though, these are two of my MOST favourite things about her (I like to break the rules and couldn’t pick just one.)

Her sense of humor:
She is funny as fuck.  On the crappiest of crappy days, when you feel like the world is crashing down on you and that you’ll never smile again, along comes Chilla. She will make you laugh in the blink of an eye. That woman makes my heart smile, and there is never a dull moment. I’m thankful for that.

She would do anything for her friends and family.  I have seen it first hand, she took me in when I needed a place to go and let me live amongst her personal space for a year. AN ENTIRE FREAKING YEAR PEOPLE. Whenever someone needs a favour, she never questions it, she just does it out of the goodness of her heart.  That makes her amazing, and I’m lucky to have such a friend.

2. What is your favorite memory of her?
Seriously…  how long do you have?! I lived with her for a year… this could get interesting.  

Weekend away…

Every summer we take multiple trips away with close friends, destination: the Beach House. (and by “we” I mean Chilla, the small human, her hubs, my BF (at the time), two other close friends and 4 dogs.)  Normally everyone is responsible for packing their stuff, getting to the ferry and over to the island, but this one particular trip things didn’t work out that way.  My boyfriend and Chilla’s hubs had to work late so we figured instead of sitting around waiting, we’d head over in the day and they could meet us there.  I pack my shit, get dropped off at her door, we do a little “weekend away” dance, load up the small human, 2 dogs and off we go.  Baby is asleep, dogs are chillin’, we’ve got coffee and safely arrive at the ferry terminal. With a little time to spare, we turn up the music, get our chat on and try to entertain a now awake baby.  About 20 minutes goes by and the radio starts to get all glitchy, it’s cutting in and out so I suggest Chilla restart the car, she smacks the dash, it comes back on and we go back to chatting.

*sound rings: everyone please head back to your vehicles, the ferry is about to load*

Before the panic, it was all fun and games.

We get the dogs, ourselves and the small human sorted and wait.  Woman in front of us goes to start her car and nothing. Car.Won’t.Start. She tries multiple times and still, nothing… battery dead. She gets out of her vehicle and kindly asks the guy in the truck next to us if he has jumper cables, he does.  The lines of cars next to us are starting to move and load at this point and here we are, stuck behind a woman who can’t get her car started… Chilla and I both made the comment “what a dumbass, she must have left her radio, or lights on or something.. ugh”…..  We get the go ahead from the loading staff to move around her, just in time too because E is starting to fuss, and the dogs are getting antsy.  Chilla goes to start the car, and? Nothing. Apparently Karma does work, because when you make fun of some asshole for letting their battery die, yours will too. (Guess we should have restarted the car after all *facepalm*)
At this point seconds have gone by and we break into PANIC MODE.  Not only will the car not start but E is now FULL ON SCREAMING, we’ve got friends who are loaded on the ferry sans beach house keys, my dog is getting so worked up that he leaks anal seepages all over my pants, Chilla and I both have to pee and no one is HELPING US.  She gets out of the car, and kindly asks the guy who has just finished helping the woman in front of us if he’ll help us too. His response: “No… ask someone else”. How HELPFUL OF YOU, DOUCHETARD…  

I’ve now moved to the back seat, with smelly pants, trying to calm the small human, also trying NOT to pee my pants. Chilla is in the driver seat (also trying not to pee in pants) tears rolling down her face, we’re both shaking, she’s trying to wave down help and I’m now on my phone with my boyfriend, and on her phone with her husband.  We went from a fun happy go lucky day to OMFG, THE WORLD IS ENDING AND WE CAN’T GET AWAY BECAUSE THE CAR WONT START in about 8.34 seconds.

And just when we’re on the verge of screaming like E, help arrives with some handy little car restarter battery pack thing. They try and try and try and try and try AND TRY AND TRY and nothing, they can see the panic on our faces, and the chaos in the car and PROMISE us that we will IN FACT get on the ferry. Phew. Heart starts to beat at a normal pace again.

FINALLY – VROOM VROOM!!!!! They get it working and OFF TO THE FERRY WE GO!!!! We park WAY AT THE BACK because you know, we’re the last car on, let it run for a bit and head up to pee and meet our friends.

We CALM THE FUCK DOWN, fill said friends in on epic ferry wait story, talk about how karma’s a bitch, claim a table and go get in line for FOOD.  Now, most of you know that Chilla and I tend to dress the same, and of course this day was no different, black rain coats, black leggings and red rain boots… Chilla has E in the Ergo and me next to her, we’re standing in the longest food line up known to mankind when I decided to tell her that today more than ever we look like an alternative family, and what does she do?  She softly turns to me with loving eyes and gently caresses my face for all to see… awww… We giggle, snort, hug it out, try to forget about the earlier events and have one of the MOST EPIC WEEKENDS EVER.  

I love Chilla hard, because even though we both hit panic level 3,000, we were there for each other, no one got mad, we both acted like crazy people, and we walked away with a funny story and a lesson from Karma.  

I miss living with my alternative family.

Side note: Some of my other most favourite memories are her and I going to work together, walking with E on the weekends to get coffee, drinking so much wine we can’t see straight, dance partying through the house, having the awkward pantsless/shirtless walk by in the morning as she’s letting her dog out and I’m going to the shower, laughing so hard it hurts, going to see my first play/concert with her, and pretty much acting a fool at all times when in each others presence.  Pretty much everything we do together has a lasting memory attached to it, and a photo or two so we never forget.

This blog editor isn't going to editorialize...

3. What is one thing you will never let her do again?
MOVE. SHE IS NEVER ALLOWED TO MOVE AGAIN.  Because packing is a bitch!!!!


4. Three words that best describe him or her. 

FUNNY…. (if you don’t think she’s funny, you should probably show yourself to the door, before she does)

Unforgettable… (she’s guaranteed to leave a footprint on your heart, soul or memory)

Generous (This woman opened her house to me for an ENTIRE YEAR, seriously, you don’t get better friends than that)


5. His or her friendship means:
Chilla’s friendship means the world to me and more.  We only met 3 short years ago, but she has managed to drastically change my life

Head kisses

in the best ways possible. She once told me that when you hit a certain age you realize who your true friends are, and I couldn’t agree more.  She’s taught me how to just ‘be me’ and to not give a fuck what other people think.  She is one of the kindest most genuine people I’ve ever met and when she loves, she loves with all her heart. If you’re as lucky as I am to have her in your life you know EXACTLY what I am talking about, friends like her don’t come around often and should be appreciated and cherished.

I will forever be thankful for her friendship. I can’t wait to grow old with her, laugh at the mistakes we’ve made, smile at the good we’ve done but I mostly can’t wait to watch her daughter grow up and become the wonderful person her mother has helped her be.

Thanks for such a wonderful friendship, I don’t actually think there’s words for how much you mean to me!  And now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over here, having a sappy teary eyed moment  —- >

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2 Responses to “Homance: North Of the Border Edition”

  1. John says:

    I love the way these two ladies love one another . . . and that it comes out so well in words, on the blog of two other ladies who love each other . . . well, it makes my heart happy.

    • Bitchy Librarian says:

      Right? Aren’t they just so fucking adorable? Winey and I totally want to meet up with them. :)