Have Some Truth With Your Rumors: Where We Clear Up Some Things in the Spirit of National Honesty Day

So, it appears to be National Honesty Day.  If there’s one thing we like, it’s telling the truth and being open and honest about things. So, in the spirit of National Honesty Day, we decided to clear up some rumors that have been flying around about us. And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us. We don’t bite. Well, unless you want us to. But we’ll have to sign a contract a la 50 Shades of Grey first. Snort.

Q: You guys are lesbians, right?
A: False. While we may have a fond appreciation for each others boobies (and asses), we like boys. A LOT. Bonus points if said boys are scruffy.

Q: Rumor has it that you’ve hurt a lot of people. Is that true?
  All we’ve ever done is care about the people in our lives. Not sure how that can be construed as hurting people. In fact, we feel like we bent over backwards to accommodate people when all they did was hurt us, time and time again. We are fiercely loyal to our friends, even when we maybe shouldn’t be. It’s both a blessing and a curse to both of us.

Q: So basically, you’re just giant, hateful bitches? Oh, and you use people, too.
 Apparently, that’s what you’re supposed to believe. Perhaps things could’ve been handled differently from our end, but when people get hurt, they tend to react in certain ways. We’re not always proud of our actions, but we learn from them, and move on. As far as using people? I don’t even know what to say to that. Neither of us has ever accepted gifts from anyone or used anyone in any other way. People aren’t like napkins, just there for you to grab when you need another one.

Q: But you’re hiding something, aren’t you?
Have you not been following our tweets for the last however long? We’re basically open books. We’ve blogged about pretty personal things (sex, personal fears, divorce), for fuck’s sake. We’ve posted our faces on Twitter. We can assure you that our biggest secrets are very mundane things, like where we live and work. A lot of people keep those sorts of things off the Internet and for very good reason. We also rarely talk about our very personal lives, but we think we’re allowed to have some mystery, are we not?

Q: You used to be close to other librarians, but now you don’t tweet to them any more. What happened?
 There was a falling out related to another person. People make their choices and then have to live with them. We’ve never asked people to take sides (and we don’t expect anyone to), nor have we talked about anyone behind their backs. It’s a good policy to have.

All we ask is that you keep things nice or fuck off. We’re cultivating a more positive environment around here and maybe more people should do that, too.

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21 Responses to “Have Some Truth With Your Rumors: Where We Clear Up Some Things in the Spirit of National Honesty Day”

  1. Hardin Reddy says:

    I’m blissfully ignorant of the back story for this post which you hint at, but you two are just fun to hang out with. Even on your snarky days, you manage to keep it positive. A lot of that is due to your honesty, at least as I perceive it. Your relationship is what it is, and what you want it to be. Labeling it serves no purpose.

    • Wine Librarian says:

      I always love your replies. Always :)

    • Bitchy Librarian says:

      I’m glad you’re blissfully unaware. That makes me happy.

      And the keeping it positive is EXACTLY what we aim for. So thanks. :) I agree with Winey, your responses are always the best.

  2. John says:

    I think you two are awesome . . . and I love that you both love peen and each other, if only for “my private time” moments.

    I will say that you two have dealt with evil stalkers with much more finesse & grace that I would have, were I in your shoes.

    • Bitchy Librarian says:

      Thanks, John! We think you’re pretty awesome, too. Snort. Keep on keeping on with that thought for your “private” moments. ;)

      We did the best we could. And that’s all there was to it.

    • Wine Librarian says:

      We are the epitome of finesse & grace. *gigglesnorts*

  3. Stephanie W says:

    I just started following the both of you a few weeks ago and I must say, you two make my day happy. Not everyone can tell people to fuck off and get away with it. I need to harness that chi. =)

  4. Jeff says:

    1. Where are the haters? (I have never seen an unkind word, thank GAWD!)
    2. Do they really want to bring the wrath?

    • Bitchy Librarian says:

      I’m glad you’ve missed out on the hating. :)

      We just want to let things go. So there hasn’t been wrath.

  5. FireMom says:

    There be haters? Show ‘em to me. I’ve had enough haters to know how to tell someone to Shut Their Whore Mouth. More than once. ;)

    Keep on keepin’ on, ladies. You have a fan in me. (Said to the tune of You Have a Friend In Me. Obviously.)

    • Bitchy Librarian says:

      I feel like anyone who’s popular on the internet has haters. Maybe we should be proud? Or something. We’re trying to let things go. We used to be friends with some of these people. LET US BE HAPPY.

      Hehehe, you have a fan in us, too! Can’t wait to see you at BlogHer. :)

    • Wine Librarian says:

      I’ve come to realize that rumors and hate are truly spread by people who are extremely insecure and unhappy with their own lives. They want to bring others down.

      Thank you! Can’t wait to meet you!!

  6. GrouchLibrarian says:

    You two are one of the main reasons I fire up Twitter. I have no idea about any of your histories and whatever is your business, is your business. I may be a grouch most of the time, but you two sure can make me smile. It’s good to be back on Twitter reading youur posts. I wish I had your courage on many levels.

    • Bitchy Librarian says:

      Aww, thank you! :) We’re always glad to know that we make people smile.

      Seriously, try something little. It’s so freeing.

    • Wine Librarian says:

      You’ve got the courage, you just have to do it. :) And thank you! We are who we are and we prefer people accept it and like us :)

  7. Lou Lange says:

    You two do keep Twitter very interesting and have lifted me up on days where things were rather rocky. Keep up the squees! B-)

  8. I’m a tweeting and blogging librarian. And I defniitely stay out of the drama zone. But I’ve never thought you two were anything less than hilarious, funny, and sweet. Also you always tweet me…so I don’t know who these people are saying the reverse.