Friendship February

I’m writing this super secret blog post this afternoon before I run off to lunch and do all the things because I wanted to quickly explain our February theme that runs next week and also super secretly take a minute to express my love, gratitude, and total absolute pride for @bitchylibrarian. (She is also going to go back and have to fix that so it links to her Twitter. I don’t do the technical stuff here. HAHA).

Next week we are going to do a #friendshipfebruary theme. We want to hear about your friends that make a difference in your life and if they are ones you met on the Twitter, like us, that’s even better! We will be highlighting surprise friendship questionnaires from some of our favorite Twitter pairs of friends each day, starting on Tuesday. And yes, Bitchy and I are writing answers to the questionnaires about each other, too.

Today, @bitchylibrarian did a really hard and brave thing and I love her. I hate that she is so far away from me every single day. But, the icing on the cake of the story will happen in March when I will get to be with her on the day that she really moves on. I am super excited. I know that is super cryptic, but we really want to keep some things private. Hehe. Just know that you will not ever know a better friend, a stronger woman, or someone with a better ass than Bitchy. For reals. Plus she can rock the plaid, leggings, and heels like nobody’s business.

So join us next week for #friendshipfebruary and tell us about your besties either here on on the Twitter and we will post them on the blog.

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4 Responses to “Friendship February”

  1. John says:

    I love how much you two love each other (in the non-pervy sense . . . though I’ve wondered about what you two loving each other might look like, and those thoughts have been some of my favorites).

    Whatever @bitchylibrarian has started/done/continued/completed/whatever . . . well, if you’re prouder of her than you can put into words, we’re all proud of her, and I can’t wait to hear about it, when the time is right.

    Can’t wait to read all about this next wek.

  2. Wine Librarian says:

    She’s the best. :) AND….you can go ahead and have those thoughts. Just about errybody does.

  3. Hardin Reddy says:

    Great character and a great ass are rarely found in the same person. You’re very fortunate.

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