BlogHer12 was Fantastic, but Not Because of BlogHer12

Fine, I went to BlogHer12 and this is my BlogHer recap.

Honestly, I don’t know what my expectations really were when I registered for this “conference.” I say that in quotes because I don’t quite know what to call it. When @bitchylibrarian and I registered for it, we were at this super LET’S DO NEW FUN THINGS stage of our sort of rediscovery of our happier selves this year. Well, a lot of people I followed on the Twitter go to it, so I could meet them. That would be fun! And it was in NYC and, of course, that would be funner! I wanted to go to something where the content was new, the people were new, and no one cared that we were these “Twitter famous” librarians. We went in with open minds. We are not professional bloggers, mommy bloggers, librarian bloggers, or any other, I guess, popular kind of blogger. We both do it because we word vomit. A lot. And we do it because we like it.

If I knew then what I know now, I’m still happy I went to NYC for the first time in a long time and that @bitchylibrarian went for her first time ever. I got to meet a few people at #BlogHer12 itself that I was super excited to meet (yes, @DaddyRunsALot really is that hot). Faces to personas is always, always fascinating. And I drove myself into NYC for the first time ever. I mean, I’m a Jersey girl. We take the train. I went to fun places, got a fascinating tour of the city (@floopjack really is the best concierge AND, well, just super adorable in every way). We had good times and good conversations with people (@HamletEJ is most definitely one of the smartest people I’ve ever met). I loved meeting everyone. I really did.

But, in the end, I came home with six tote bags of swag and good memories of things not related to the conference at all. So what happened? I think it all started to go badly on Thursday, even before any sessions started. There we were, early, right at a center table to hear President Obama address the attendees. HOW AWESOME WAS THAT? I mean, the President? (And yes, the Romney campaign was asked and declined). So, while we wait, I invite people to sit with us. I’m a bit of an extrovert. Several women sit down. And then, one begins with this: “Well, I am so and so and I am a schoolteacher. Oh, WHAT PARTIES DID YOU GET INVITED TO?” Now, I had heard about these private parties. Whatever. Unless one of them was being hosted by David Beckham and you got a free pair of Louboutins with free booze whilst attending? I’m not impressed. I mean, I can afford to buy some of the things I want in life and NOTHING is free. You got a pair of jeans and some make-up? You also spent an hour of your time while I was napping. Or something. To each his own. But I could tell that that moment put a bad taste in both of our mouths because it was just like being at a library conference where everyone sits and bitches. Or worse, it was like being back in high school.

When we went out that night, every where we went people were grilling us on why we looked so nice, where were we going? Um, dinner? We don’t want to look like slobs. My goodness. But it felt mean spirited. I think people thought we were going to something they weren’t invited to. It was odd.

Then, I really wanted to see Katie Couric speak. But I didn’t want to wait in the cattle call line for lunch. I didn’t want to eat because I ate breakfast late and I have a thing about buffet lines. Well, a woman basically stepped in front of me like when you’re trying to not let a car pass. That was lovely. We were all jammed in a hotel and the elevators were busy so obviously it’s super helpful and lends a lot of positive vibes if you get into the elevator every time and BITCH UP A STORM. Also, I understand some people bring their children, but I didn’t need my toes run over every day.

Also, we registered for the conference before there was a program. And frankly, it was a bit disappointing. Every session I thought I wanted to attend ended up rally being someone basically telling you to go do it. I don’t really need that. I will completely admit not going to anything. I am a bad attender of things once I get crabby. Also, the content and the vendors are geared towards a specific kind of woman. Not JUST women who have children and blog, but women who have formed an online community around all having children and blogging. NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT. It just isn’t what the two of us blog about.

And glitter and unicorns? No, not my thing. And it has never really been. Don’t get me wrong, I was one of those little girls that loved horses and still do. But I didn’t really feel like I was up to the parties either. So…..

Alright, some positives. I think it’s absolutely wonderful that BlogHer exists and, in some ways, I wish I ever got along with women enough to have a friend group like it seems some of them do. While some of the swag was really nice (yes, there were vibrators), the best booth for me was the people at Nova Sure, who were talking about a procedure I am going to actually talk to my doctor about. The people at Samsung were very professional and I want to buy the washer and dryer I can remotely program and start (because I would actually do that? Probably not.) And OMG, the tub with the music in it from Kohler? YES, PLEASE. Then I wouldn’t have to plug in my ipod in the bathroom. That seems worth the extra gazillion dollars. Heh.

Someone on Twitter asked me for a comparison to an ALA conference. Well, those annoy me because the content gets dated too fast, not because I just don’t fit in. This annoyed me because it just wasn’t really my thing. Maybe my thing just doesn’t exist, I don’t know.

Anyway, I hope everyone who loves BlogHer conferences goes and has a great time in Chicago. I am going on a shopping trip next year somewhere instead because really what I want to do is go shopping, eat pizza in bed, maybe go to a spa and maybe a few other things.





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3 Responses to “BlogHer12 was Fantastic, but Not Because of BlogHer12”

  1. John says:

    I was so excited to meet you that I don’t know if I stopped to think twice about what you’d be doing at BlogHer. Because, well, you’re doing what you do — you do it perfectly well, because it’s what you decide to do, and therefore it fucking fits you.

    The sessions . . . yeah, you didn’t need those.

    And you’re fine finding entertainment on your own, which you knew, but it was wonderful to see happen.

    Still, though, I was glad to steal your placard – but even more excited to finally get my grubby paws on you. It’s hard to think that you’re more awesome in person than you are on twitter, but you are. You truly are.

    And, well, I’m blushing. :-)

  2. DR Perrrro says:

    Super fun read! And what is the deal about looking nice? You & @bitchylibrarian can’t help but look great.

  3. Heather Cole says:

    Thank you so much for this post. Nikki and I had been considering BlogHer but hesitated because we don’t blog about motherhood or our kids much. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT. So maybe we’ll just go to Fetcon instead. :)