As the Bromance Turns

Yesterday, when we shared our questionnaires about each other, we said we’d be highlighting more questionnaires from other known Twitter friend pairs. We’re super excited about this #friendshipfebruary theme and delighted that we got so many friend pairs on board with it. It’s been a fun experience for us and for the question-answerers (we hope).

So, without further ado, we present @scrufflibrarian and @Suitedlibrarian! Isn’t it surprising to learn that they’ve only been friends for about 18 months? Though, that’s about the length of the Bitchy/Winey friendship as well.

@scrufflibrarian writes: I first met @Suitedlibrarian about 18 months ago when he started working at the same library as me. He had been working as a librarian for the local history library, but returned to Central because apparently he loves a challenge. The following winter, we were thrust together when we were forced to start sharing an office with a group of other librarians. We’ve bonded over a shared love of all things videogames, well made tea, general geekery, and, of course, Twitter, though neither of us have been tweeting from these accounts for very long. @winelibrarian encouraged me to create Scruff last September; I finally convinced @Suited to join the dark side with an anonymous account in January.


Scruff’s Answers About Suited

1. What is your favorite thing about him?
Suited is a massive geek, he just hides it better than I do. This is a man who can (and will) recite swathes of Blackadder Goes Forth from memory and thinks nothing of spending a weekend filming low-budget re-enactments of Eighties action movies. If only he would admit to himself that making spreadsheets is a valid recreational activity and avant-garde folk metal music really isn’t all that bad.

Also, he thinks he looks a bit like Doctor Who.

2. What is your favorite memory of him?
Not that long after Suited got his current job and started working in the same building as me, we were asked to set up a new reading group. At this point I didn’t really know him at all. We had a quick meeting in my office, talked about the sort of thing we wanted to achieve and what kinds of books we wanted to read, and almost immediately both agreed on William Gibson’s Neuromancer. I count that little meeting in my old cramped office as the start of our friendship, and running that group together is still one of my favourite parts of my job.

3. What is one thing you will never let him do again?
Drink ridiculous cocktails in a dingy rock nightclub at one in the morning without a responsible adult present. I think the combination of highly alcoholic cocktails and all the gothic cleavage on display somehow short-circuited his faculties. Bless. That night was a bit of a disaster.

4. Three words that best describe him.

5. His friendship means:
Going to work everyday isn’t the soul-destroying grind it could so easily become. Never having to drink tea alone. Knowing looks and smirks of derision. Sharing the credit for all the awesome work I do in exchange for being goaded into doing it in the first place.


Suited’s Answers About Scruff

1. What is your favorite thing about him?
He can do proper geeky stuff, like sums and programming, and make the reports server do clever stuff, like break. Also he has a beard. I wish I could grow a beard, beards are cool. This makes Scruff a very cool librarian. Or a very stereotypical one, I’m not sure which…

2. What is your favorite memory of him?
Him typing notes on his laptop in a meeting that consisted of “For fucks sake..”, “Why do we need to know this?” and “Why is the wireless so shit” and other such noteworthy communications. Or us being told off for being rude in another meeting – It’s a miracle they still let us sit together.

3. What is one thing you will never let him do again?
Talk me into going to a scary rock nightclub. It was, shall we say, an “experience” I’ll never forget, but thanks to the power of the pan-galactic gargle blaster I already have!

4. Three words that best describe him.

5. His friendship means:
Copious amounts of tea or him working hard to produce something and me getting some of the credit because I came up with the idea. Always being able to bitch about stuff via twitter with our headphones on when it would be so much quicker to turn around and talk.

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One Response to “As the Bromance Turns”

  1. Bitchy Librarian says:

    I am still SHOCKED to know that you guys have only been friends for 18 months. I pictured you growing up as friends, for whatever reason. I guess it’s because a close male friendship formed later in life seems rare? I don’t know.

    Either way, I envisioned you holding tea parties together as children. But now I know you just hold them together as adults.